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special customized of glitter powder using in glue pen
Release date:2013-7-15  View count:553  Publisher:Crownroad Glitter Powder Co.,Ltd


Using glitter powder for Glue Pen. The glitter needs  Alkaline resistance.And 

different material of glitter ,the features are different: 



1.Polyester  Glitter Powder:epoxy coated,Acid & Alkaline resistance,180°C durable
2.Rainbow Glitter Powder:epoxy coated,Non-Acid & Alkaline resistance,110°C durable.
3.Hologram Glitter Powder epoxy coated,Acid & Alkaline resistance,180°C durable.
4.Aluminum Glitter powder :epoxy coated,Non-Acid & Alkaline resistance,260°C durable.