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Glitter Powder for Liquid Wallpaper
Release date:12/9/2018  View count:7  Publisher:GUANGDONG CROWNROAD NEW MATERIAL TECH. CO., LTD.

     Liquid wallpaper, also known as art painting, is the third generation wallpaper which is developed from the first generation “emulsion paint” and the second generation “traditional wallpaper”. It has many features such as strong firmness, great stability, good water and solvent resistance, fastness, etc.

     In order to satisfy the demand of glitter powder for the liquid wallpaper, Crownroad developed the glitter powder of “X” series specifically aimed at the liquid wallpaper. This series is produced with free formaldehyde, water and solvent resistance, fastness, etc, which has a stronger sense of solid and metallic luster than pearl powder. It can be customized according to different requirements of customers.

     At present, many famous painting and coating manufacturers in Europe have used this series of glitter powder in large quantities, and it’s deeply loved by end-users.