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The Development of Glow, Reflective Glitter
Release date:11/27/2018  View count:9  Publisher:GUANGDONG CROWNROAD NEW MATERIAL TECH. CO., LTD.

  Recently, CrownRoad has solved the technology problem for cutting glow glitter and reflective glitter. Therefore, it took the lead in launching these two series of products.


  The glow glitter and reflective glitter are made of natural mineral materials, so they have higher hardness which caused a result that they cannot be cut with ordinary steel knives. To solve the problem, CrownRoad customized special knives in a professional cutting tool factory in Germany, and it upgraded its cutter machines at the same time. After nearly half a year of test, these two series of products have being successfully mass produced.


  As the glow glitter and the reflective glitter are developed, they can be widely applied to many industries such as leather, stage decoration and so on, which is a perfect supplement and a perfect extension for traditional glitter powder.