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Glitter in Shapes
Release date:11/15/2018  View count:1  Publisher:Crownroad

    Glitter powder in shapes, especially the most classical and the most traditional ones such as stars, hearts and moons, has been popular in market for more than 20 years.


    Since 2014, CrownRoad has been committed to the development of new various shaped products. The first hot-selling product was the 1MM circle shape that is mainly applied to textile and fabrics, and it has been used in large quantities since 2016. After 2016, mixed and shaped glitter in sizes 1MM, 2MM and 3MM becomes the mainstream in nail industry, and it’s exported to many countries and regions, especially Russia and Korea.


    Additionally, in 2016, CrownRoad successfully developed solid diamond glitter that had been embraced by stationery, case, DIY and nail market. The solid glitter totally changed the phenomenon that the glitter only could be produced with flat effect, which made our solid products more popular in market. What’s more, CrownRoad also successfully developed the products of ultrathin series, which meant the thickness was changed to 25 micron from 50 micron, and this development effectively satisfied the special requirements of glitter glue, paper printing and cosmetics industry. As the requirements of different industries are improved, the products of ultrathin series will be more popular in market.