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What is the best glitter powder
Release date:9/6/2016  View count:1  Publisher:SHANTOU CROWNROAD GLITTER POWDER CO.,LTD

Glitter powder is one of the surface decoration material.Original glitter powder is made of Polyester with coating different color.

Now glitter powder is popular for cosmetic,craft ,printing,Christmas industrial,chemical company & so on.In order to adapt different industrial requests,now glitter has many series like Metallic glitter powder ,Hologram glitter power,Rainbow glitter powder&Aluminum glitter powder .

All glitter powder looked the same except the color&shape,nothing different,but how we choose the best quality ,pls see follow:

1.Bright color,heat& solvent resistance


3.Unbroken hexagon shape

Shantou Crownroad glitter powder Co.,Ltd specialized in glitter powder manufacturer,Screening out qualified raw material step by step,  insist on supplying best quality ,and reasonable price glitter powder for all industries.

Firstly,we choose high bright UV resin & high temperature coating to keep color brighter.

Secondly,Using second dryer to make surface resin solidify.

Thirdly,we choose copper-made cutting machine to ensure the uniform Size.

Crownroad glitter remains quality first,has got hotness reaction from most customer all over the world.Welcome to contact Crownroad glitter powder to get the best glitter for your lovely products.