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Rainbow film applied to glitter powder
Release date:2013-5-30  View count:604  Publisher:Crown Road


As everyone knows, the selection of materials processing and production of glitter powder, rainbow film is the main base of. The rainbow film as raw material, through the compound, coloring, cutting, cutting can be processed into size, shape is not a variety of specifications of glitter powder. Or directly through the original film crushed.

In the selection of materials, general selection of red green light rainbow film more, use the other two lines less. The red green light rainbow film, can be made into the magic of color. The blue ground golden rainbow film, can be made into each with golden color glitter powder; if the selection of blue purple rainbow film, can be made of Purple Plum Red Glitter powder.

Be made of glitter powder of this product in the thickness, rainbow films 16mircron and 18micron too thin, brittle property, easy to stretch, not easy to produce, can cause not only beautiful products decreased, the lack of quality, but also cause unnecessary loss generated in the production process of the thin film is easy to break. In order to apply high-speed cutting of glitter powder machine, usually through the 12micron, 30micron or 38micron polyester film composite, and then cutting, cutting.

Because the gloss rainbow film itself unique, generated from each angle of beautiful color effect, its processing made of glitter powder is attached importance to by using, many industries such as greeting cards, Christmas decoration, glue, cosmetics etc.. In the market widely favored by consumers.


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