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High Quality Glitter Powder
Release date:7/24/2014  View count:1  Publisher:CrownRoad Glitter Powder Co.,Ltd


What is high quality glitter powder

Glitter powder as a kind of surface treatment materials, its core value lies in its richness of colors and bright degree and under the condition of all kinds of high temperature and stable in acid and alkali solvent performance can show its brilliant, brilliant bright visual effect. 

Crownroad glitter powder specialized in producing high quality industry glitter powder.

How to judge quality glitter powder judgment standard

First:The brightness of the glitter powder, flash degree is largely determined by the thin film materials, markets are usually a PET material as the normal level of printing products, its light transmittance is around 80%, the use of the products produced with glitter powder even subsequent next higher level of processing cannot completely meet the requirements of quality products.Sheng crown golden onion powder use special custom heat highlighting PET film, the heat resistance at 200 degrees Celsius (deviation at 20 degrees Celsius) light transmittance of 90 degrees Celsius (deviation in 5 degrees Celsius), thin film surface smooth as a mirror, it has excellent heat resistance, heat resistance, resistance to acid and alkali and machining performance, to ensure that the brightness of the product to achieve the best effect

Second:Vacuum aluminum plating, most of the glitter powder on the market on the vacuum aluminum plating factory to choose domestic low-end machines for processing, its product aluminum layer dim, metallic luster is poor, thin film surface corona adverse impact on low value of coating and printing color.Sheng crown golden onion powder selects high quality German, electroplating equipment, in evaporating aluminium wire each link has unique formula processing and process improvement, chooses aluminum plating film is equivalent to highlight reflective products the same requirements.

Third: coating technology, sheng crown golden onion powder coating technology research and development center accumulated 15 years technical experience, in the allocation of toner resin dissolved, segmented temperature control management, printing color component, uniform distribution at the membrane surface and a set of strict management on the membrane surface flat Angle control system.High quality coating technology can ensure the toner in the membrane surface fully secure.Temperature and example of science management system to ensure that the different color can fully display its best color effect.

All the above factors in the absence of any details will affect the glitter powder writer visual effect, in the field of color only for color have harsh enterprise is likely to produce the best quality with glitter powder products .Crownroad companies are willing to for each have strict requirements on the color of partners to provide the best visual colour effect the quality of the product.