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Application of Glitter Powder
Release date:2013-5-20  View count:651  Publisher:Crown Road


Stationery & Adhesive:  Pencil,Glitter Glue Pen,Crayons,Hotmelt glue,Dots,Glue,Adhesive,Batting,Rubber Stamps,Beads;

Cosmetic:  nail polish,eyeshadow, tattoo,Hair Gel,body glitter,nail paints,Gels

Screen Printing: Rotary Screen printing, Flat Screen printing, rotogravure printing

                             Textile,Fabric,Non Woven,Glass,Cotton, Denim,Flocking,Silk,cloth,Weaving,Knitting,Embroidery,Lace,

                             Socks,Panty Hose,Braid,Trimmings, Velvet,Mosaic Tile, Glass Tiles,Wallpaper,Ribbon, EVA Foam, PVC/PU Leather,

                             Greeting Card,invitation cards, Decoration Paper,Table Cloths,

Plastic:  teeth bruch,fishing , Rigid PVC Film , Soft PVC Film, Soft Plastic Bait,toys,hats,caps,  

               Plastic furnitures,Fashion Floorings,cosmetic cases,PVC Acryl,Parts of Motor Vehicles,containers,night Lamp,

               Thermoset,Trays,Urethane,Plastisol,kitchen Utensils,Seats,switches