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estimate the standard of high quality glitter powder
Release date:2013-12-5  View count:4  Publisher:Crownroad Glitter Powder Co.,Ltd



Distinguish the high quality of glitter powder,the first step is :

Apperacnce: High quality glitter powder has neat scraped edge without obious jagged slashed marks,

and it is cellular hexagonal square in shape with the granular sizes having no difference.



Shape: We can check the shape from the microscope ,High quality glitter powder has a standard hexagon shape

and no other powder left.



Alkali resistance: High quality glitter powder after soaking in the strong acid and strong alkali liquid medium,

and the color still keep shinning and not fade.


Temperarure Resistance: High quality glitter powder after being boiled in the high temperature.

but no fade. As glitter glue and nail polish always need this testing.


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