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Our advantages of Glitter Powder
Release date:2013-10-8  View count:182  Publisher:Crownroad Glitter Powder Co.,Ltd




Crown Road Project : Depond on the large advantage of our production of Polyester Film. Our factory is the only

one indepent production with glitter powder enterprise in China that from production of film to vacuum plating,

coating printing,cutting glitter powder .


Our factory is equipped three high speed,high temperature coating equipments.

more than 100 sets of hexagon glitter cutting machines. And our production now 

is up to 10tons per day.


"CrownRoad Glitter Powder", with our stable quality , marvelous price,we are the most 

comtetively supplier in China.

Above all,our products are passed the certificiations of :FDA, ASTM-D4236,Rohs,EN71 Part3.MSDS ect.