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Guangdong CrownRoad New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, production&sales, glitter powder, flake, DIY Shaker etc. series products of specialized enterprises. CrownRoad has a complete set of advanced production equipment and a professional technical team with over 10 years experience in glitter industry. The brand name of glitter power is “CrownRoad”, which can withstand high temperature,with stable quality.

  • Polyester Glitter Powder
  • Rainbow Glitter Powder
  • Holographic Glitter Powder
  • Aluminium Glitter Powder
  • For Stationery & Adhesive
  • For Cosmetic
  • For Screen Printing
  • For Plastic Ornament
  • For Glass & Building Metarials Decoration
  • For Christmas Arts
  • For Greeting Cards & Couplets
  • DIY Shaker Jar
  • Others Area